Steven 'gaze' Sanders

Steven 'gaze' Sanders is the founder and lead guitarist of Spoil Engine, a Belgian/Dutch melodic metalcore formation, currently signed under Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire. Previous albums were released under Roadrunner Records and Universal; their latest album "Stormsleeper" opened the door to an international audience. Spoil Engine primarily toured Europe and Asia, appeared on major festivals such as Graspop, Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, MIDI China, ... and supported bands like Megadeth, Motörhead, Papa Roach, Arch Enemy, Prong etc, … .

Steven: "3 things I like about the Mooer GE200: it sounds good, it looks good and it's very compact. Together with my guitar, it fits hand luggage in a plane, very handy! When touring and backline is provided by the local venue/festival, you never know what to expect so I can always run the GE200 into an amp or directly into the FOH with cab sim. I now have more to time to drink beer instead of worrying about gear setups and drinking beer is important to us Belgians! Thx for the great product!”

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