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R7 X2 Reverb

R7 X2 Reverb

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The R7 X2 Reverb combines MOOER’s best digital effects algorithms from the A7 Ambiance and R7 Reverb pedals and combines them in to one ultimate stereo reverb pedal. Parameter knobs include High Cut, Low Cut, and Mix for adjusting the EQ and Decay and Pre-Delay knobs for adjusting the intensity of each effect. Unique features of the R7 X2 include the Infinite and Trail-on functions to customize how each effect fades out.

Each pedal features a single designated save slot for each effect where users can save their settings after being tweaked to perfection. A BYPASS footswitch is included for easy toggling. Simultaneously pressing the TAP and BYPASS switches turns on Preset Rolling Mode to switch between saved presets easily.

14 different reverbs—Classic: Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring, Studio
                                    Modern Ambient: Mod, Reverse, Wrap, Shake, Crush, Shimmer, Dream

* 14 different types of high-quality stereo reverb.

* Storable preset for each effect can be recalled quickly.

* “INFINITE” function for endless reverb tail, a perfect choice for creating atmosphere.

* Tap footswitch to change preset.

* Trail On function allows effects to fade out naturally. You can toggle between ON and OFF seamlessly.

Input: 1/4” mono audio input jack *2 (1M ohms)

Output: 1/4” mono audio output jack *2 (510 ohms)

Power requirement: 9V power supply (center negative)

Current draw: 300mA

Recommended to use only the original power supply included with the pedal. Using third-party power supplies may cause noise or other unexpected issues.

Dimension: 75mm (D) x 115mm (W) x 33mm (H)

Weight: 0.334kg


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