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(born 27 October 1986), is a professional and seasoned music producer, singer-songwriter, audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist from Bangladesh.Apart from writing and producing music for various artists around the world, he is popularly known as the primary songwriter and singer of his own band AvoidRafa. The former drummer of Aurthohin, who now also plays drums at the band Cryptic Fate, has been involved with a diverse variety of locally acclaimed bands, such as, Kral, Severe Dementia, The Joint Family, Powersurge and Fuad & Friends.Rafa is followed by his fans on different social media platforms as well. He currently has 476k followers on his Facebook page and 108k on personal Facebook profile, 107k subscribers on YouTube and 68k followers on Instagram. He was recently awarded the Silver Play Button from Youtube for reaching the milestone of achieving 100k+ subscribers on YouTube.


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