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Edoardo Taddei


I started to play guitar at 6 years old as a selftaught, at first inspired by thrash metal bands like Metallica and Megadeth and then by guitarists like Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker.
After a few years I started to study guitar in music schools and my most important experience was with the jazz/fusion guitarist Fabio Cerrone at "Total Guitar Academy", Rome.
In September 2018 I did a classical guitar masterclass with Maestro Simona Camilletti at Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome and then I started to study classical guitar with Arturo Tallini.
In 2022 I got a certificate of Advanced Teaching Competency at Modern Music Institute International, in which I currently teach guitar.



In 2017 I founded my soloist project along with David Folchitto (drummer of Stormlord, ex Fleshgod Apocalypse), starting an intense live activity. At the same time I started to give private guitar lessons.

On February 28th 2020 I released my first solo EP "NEMESI". It was dedicated to Jason Becker, who shared my work (including the second single of NEMESI, a re-arrangement of his song "Primal") on his social media pages.

Since 2021 I'm endorsed by Ibanez Guitars.

On May 16th 2022 I released my second solo album "Timeglass". The album was financed by a crowdfunding and it also includes Jeff Loomis as a guest on the song "Faded".

Since 2022 I'm the lead guitarist in the band "Master Boot Record", a neo-classical metal/electronic project signed with Metal Blade Records.
We played at Resurrection Fest (Spain), Complexity Fest (Holland), Fekete Zaj Festival (Hungary), Euroblast (Germany).
We're now organizing a European tour scheduled for February 2023.

I currently work:
- As a guitar teacher for MMI International;
- As a transcriber on request;
- As session guitarist for the Italian singer Gianni Fiorellino.

I collaborate with Accordo.it (I usually test instruments for video reviews and I released a few lessons about my album) and with Guitar Club Magazine (I have a column on their magazine, in which I write everything about shred guitar).

I usually play at music shows in Italy such as Guitar Show in Padua, SHG in Milan, Musika in Rome.

I also won the following contests:
- December 2021 Jam of the Month hosted by JTC Guitar;
- "International Shred Contest" organized by Stéphan Forté and DR strings in September 2020.
- I placed in the top 3 of the "Blackstar Challenge" organized by Blackstar Amplification in December 2020.
- "Guitar Experience" contest organized by Raffaello Indri (Lizard Academy, Elvenking) in May 2018.
- The European competition "Tour Music Fest - Junior Category" in 2013.


Edoardo Taddei

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