Willy K

Guitar player

Willy K

Willy K is a guitarist and producer based in Seoul, South Korea.

He is the leader and producer of Korean Rock Band Crackshot and won the Korean TV audition program JTBC Super Band 2 in 2021.

After releasing their first full-length album After Midnight, their second full-length album New Wave, and winning the TV program Superband 2 as the best band, they released a mini album named Dash, and in 2023, they released a total of three digital singles: Goodbye My Love, INFP and At the End of the Season.

Starting with Crackshot's concert tour, he has appeared in a number of festivals, including the Pentaport Rock Festival, Chilpo Jazz Festival, Let's Rock Festival, Gyeonggi Indie Music Festival, and Awesome Music Festival, and has continued his activities by appearing in K-Pop TV programs such as Immortal Songs and Open Concerts.

Willy K expresses the performance style of the 80s golden age of heavy metal, such as picking harmonics and taping, which harmonize with sharp guitar tones with colorful performances on stage, with his own sensibility, and his intense vibrato and lyrical solo performances show that he is not simply a guitarist who strictly devotes himself to techniques.

Willy  K has been influenced by Gary Moore, John Sykes, Van Halen and George Lynch.

Willy K

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