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Deli Putra

Deli started his music career as a vocalist and guitarist with his first band called 'Quest Mark'. Together, they performed in gigs held around Klang Valley. Deli began to write songs for the band somewhere in 1996. From there, he came up with an interesting formula to fit his rusty voice with the sound of his guitar which usually plays the grunge tunes.

In 2002, Deli made his first appearance in the club scene in Pangkor Beach Resort, Perak, Malaysia, with ‘Zullking and Friends’. Deli thought that there is so much more to be learnt and done in order to become a professional club guitarist. Fair enough, whenever he was not singing, Deli will definitely work on to brush up his skills in guitar playing.

After three years of hard work to play guitar professionally, in 2005, Deli joined 'The Gypsy'. No more grunge tunes. Instead their image and songs were in the genres of Blues, Rock & Roll and Heavy Rock with great influence including from Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck. The Gypsy performed at variety of places, from low budget pubs to high class club, entertaining guests with their Rock & Roll and Blues number.

In 2011, Deli met Ruzlan (Lann) from Sons of Adam. And after several discussions they finally agreed to team up and bring Sons of Adam back to rock the Malaysian music industry. They searched and found a few talented and passionate musicians to form the band.

With his rusty, rough and sometimes sweet tone, Deli Putra continues his journey in Rock & Roll music with Sons of Adam. He still plays the guitar but now, in a different and more serious scene such as Hard Rock Café in Kuala Lumpur and Crazy Elephant in Singapore.

Sons of Adam decided to make a comeback album in 2013. It had been about 28 years since their last album was released, which had Dilla Hussein as their lead singer. Only this time they will portray a totally different concept – old school Rock & Roll with more punch and grit. With about 7 years of experience, Deli was ready to reveal his talent in song writing in the comeback album. By then, he already owned a number of guitar gadgets (including pedals and guitar pickups) which he carefully selected by doing a thorough research. He make sure everything suit his style and music.

Rocking with his two customs Strat and a custom humbucking Tele somehow was a setback for Deli because he found it difficult to get suitable pedals, amp and cables that can deliver that twang and bright sounds. Having to travel from place to place with those heavy bulky pedals and amps was also problematic and wearisome, until he found out about Micro Mooer Pedals. Those pedals are so convenient
and Deli Putra really likes the fact that they do not mess up the unique sound of his Fender guitars while delivering its great effect.

Deli will expose some of Mooer pedal’s sound in Sons of Adam new comeback album in 2013, Chapter III. Watch out guys..!!

By the way, watch video and pitcure of him in action at

Big Shows:
Rock & Blues Never Dies Malaysia 1, 2, 3 and 4, F1 Concert 2004 at Sepang MALAYSIA, REAL Foundation Concert 2008 at Bukit Jalil MALAYSIA, Blues Reunion 2012 by The Red Rooster Club, Voice of Youth 2012 at Seremban by Grassroots and many more including television and radio broadcast show/ program such as Muzik Aktif (astro), Rentak Juara, Selamat Pagi Malaysia and Rock Selamba (


Ol School Petaling Jaya, Pangkor Beach Resort Perak, Sugar Club Kuala Lumpur, Sparx Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, CJ's Petaling Jaya, Bull’s Eye Kuala Lumpur, Dirty Nelly's Kuala Lumpur, High Hills Klang, Rock Planet Petaling Jaya, Hangover Petaling Jaya, Retro Belt Petaling Jaya, Uncle Chilies Petaling Jaya, KKlub Kuala Lumpur, Duke Duta Vista Kuala Lumpur, Devil's Brew Kuala Lumpur, Lagendas Petaling Jaya, Dainties Kuala Lumpur, Shalome Kuala Lumpur, Library Kuala Lumpur, Rockafella Petaling Jaya, Sportivo Seremban, Sg Ujong Royal Club Seremban, Quattro Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok Conexion Kuala Lumpur, Rainforest Kuala Lumpur, Cobra Club Petaling Jaya, Water Place Kuala Lumpur, La Venue Subang Jaya, HARD ROCK CAFE Kuala Lumpur and many more.

Deli Putra

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