Park Chang-Gon

Session Musician

Park Chang-Gon

Park Chang-Gon is a Korean guitarist, composer, songwriter, and producer. He is known as one of the top rock guitarist in South Korea.


Starting his music career as band leader and guitar player for legendary Korean rock singer Kim Kyung-Ho in early 90s, Park Chang-Gon became renowned as one of the most hard working session guitarist and producer and earned fame as the best guitar player in South Korea with countless recording sessions and live tours.


Overturning his fame as rock guitarist, Park Chang-Gon also has shown various musical styles, working and touring with Korea’s top singers such as Rain, Seven, JYP, Wheesung etc.


Since 2003, Park Chang-Gon has been working as band leader and guitar player for Korean singer Lee Seung-Chul who has the title as ‘Emperor of live music’.


With aspirations for a solo project, Park Chang-Gon also steadily released 4 studio recorded full-length albums which articulate and integrate his own music styles and influences.


Park Chang-Gon

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