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Quote: - "Since I first used MOOER effects, I knew I was dealing with a brand that completely changed the rules of the game - these things are genuine, in my opinion, the future - it will be the world of iron boxes." - Alex Grossi

Alex Grossi is known as one of the hardest and most persistent guitarists in American rock. In 1996, after finishing high school, he immediately left Connecticut to pursue Boston's stage of life and did not look back.

In 1999, he signed the first album with ATLANTIC RECORDS and recorded it with the local pop rock band ANGRY SALAD in Boston. In support of this album, the band toured more than a thousand of the country, recorded music for the "THE SMOKERS" power supply created by QUINCY JONES, participated in multiple TV meets, and recorded the theme song for the WE NETWORK TV series "DC".

In 2001, AOL merged with TIME-WARNER and withdrew from the band. Alex went to Hollywood. He was selected by ELEKTRA RECORDS in 75 Los Angeles guitarists as early as a few weeks ago and became the master of the new artist AIMEE ALLEN. Guitarist and music director. In mid-2002, the band toured and recorded better records.

As early as 2003, Alex brought together BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, a Hollywood rock enthusiast, to replace the DJ ASHBA that had recently died. At about the same time, Alex began writing and recording "DEUCE" which later became the second place in JVC RECORDS (Japan) and SPITFIER/BMG (USA) BC. The album's songs were later used in the FX series "SONS OF ANARCHY" (2008) and the WALT DISNEY movie "THE PROPOSAL" (2009).

In the second half of the year, IGNITE, a hard-core band, invited Alex to perform tours in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia. He also played guitar for the band's widely acclaimed “Our Darkest Days” in the Century Media Album.

In 2004, Alex was personally selected by Kevin DuBrow for the QUIET RIOT guitar library. In the next three years, Alex and the band’s massive tour included the theatrical performances of the 2007 Swedish rock festival and the first year’s “ROCKLAHOMA” where he played a band for the last time and DuBrow wrote in the studio. The song "Rehab".

In 2008 and 2009, Alex toured and recorded the GN’R alumni STEVEN ADLER and DIZZY REED for the solo project and participated in the PAUL REED SMITH guitar 2009 PRS roadshow. In more than 20 city tours, Paul showed himself with celebrities such as Nick Cantanese of Black Label Society, Myles Nennedy of Alter Bridge, and Howard Leese of Heart.

After three years of gaps, Alex joined QUIET RIOT in 2010. Later, the band performed in front of 50,000 fans at the BANG YOUR HEAD German Festival in 2011 and was also active in the tour and recording. In 2014, QUIET RIOT released an award-winning documentary "Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back" - this film has won numerous awards and has been active in SHOWTIME for over 2 years in France. The Canon Film Festival also won the first place.

In addition to conducting classes for guitarists around the world, Alex is also creating and recording his other projects "BEAUTIFUL CREATURES" and "MAPS TO THE HOLLWOOD SCARS". The finalist "James Durbin" of the American Idol was selected. In early 2017, the band's first single "Till Death" was performed by YAHOO MUSIC and quickly began broadcasting nationwide on Active Rock Radio.






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