Jaimi Faulkner

Mix great song-writing

Jaimi Faulkner

Mix great song-writing, incredible guitar playing, a warm soulful voice and irresistible live performance and you’ll get Jaimi Faulkner, a young multi-talented Australian, who is a professional guitarist and singer.
In 2008, Jaimi won the prestigious Australian Blues/Roots Performer of the Year Award and was awarded the opportunity to represent Australia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.
In 2009, after returning from the U.S, Jaimi recorded and released his second studio album Kiss & Ride and early in 2010 Jaimi was awarded Song of the Year at Australia’s prestigious M.B.A.S. awards night for his single Highway Life from the same album.
By the end of 2010, he had performed in many German and Dutch venues, begun to appear on Dutch national radio and opened for The Holmes Brothers, Tom Dice, Rory Block, Tina Dico and Guy Forsyth.
In 2011, Faulkner continued his rigorous touring schedule, performing at big festivals, sharing sold out stages alongside famous Dutch soul singer Waylon and British singer-songwriter Jon Allen, as well as two big German-Austrian tours opening for eighties pop royalty Paul Young, and later that year for U.S singer Vonda Shepard (Ally McBeal).
And in May 2013, Jaimi released his first European release on V2 Records in the Benelux; Turn Me Around was very well received in The Netherlands, where it peaked on the Dutch Alternative music charts at number 1 and the overall music charts at number 33. On the back of the albums success, Faulkner was invited to perform on national Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 6 and even national TV, RTL 4’s Koffietijd.


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Jaimi Faulkner

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