Ghost Iris

the leading tech-metal band out of Denmark.

Ghost Iris

Ghost Iris is the leading tech-metal band out of Denmark. In 2016 Ghost Iris had

the most streamed Danish metal album on Spotify at 1,6 million streams, and

at the time of writing their general streams are in excess of 5 million.

Their two first albums “Anecdotes Of Science & Soul” & “Blind World” have both received grand praise by Metal Hammer, KERRANG! and It Djents for their

playful, yet catchy approach to technical metal.

Ghost Iris released their third album in february 2019, entitled “APPLE OF

DISCORD”; an album that is the pinnacle of 3 years of hard work, touring

and the ugly sides of the music industry. The album contains 10 songs of

intensity, wrath and of course: the antidote.

2019 marks the year of extensive touring for Ghost Iris and they will be heading

out on multiple international tours with bands like Dream Theater, Soen and After The Burial and a national tour, to promote APPLE OF DISCORD.

Ghost Iris

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