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Since 1988 she´s been a female band member,like “Rouge Band”,”Angel”,

Heroinas”and “Paysana”.With the last band,she recorded two songs for the

CD”The Best of the Under”for EMI,in 1993.

Together with her present project”Lunatycas”which she founded,Carina begins

her performance as a soloist,exploring a new world withinmusic:the instrumental rock.

In october 1996,she carried out her first CD”Aislamiento”,edited in 1997.In order to support this independent production,a video was made with the song

“Aislamiento”(May´96)and “Vinka”(March´97),broadcasted by Much Music,ATC and cable.

In march 1997 during Steve Vai´s second visit to Argentina,Carina goes to the Press Conference in order to show him her new recorded material,but to her surprise,she was invited to the soundcheck also to stay and take part onstage with the band.Due to her performance and a good exchange of ideas with the group,she was asked to play once more on friday night on 21st,at the Gran Rex Theatre,improvising a guitar duel.

After,in june she presented herself with her instrumental band and the Lunatycas group in a clinic display at Promusic Auditorium.Later that same year she also made severla layouts for the Music Market cycle,at Buenos Aires Center Loft.I n 1998,she´s invited to give a live clinic for the cable program:Musical Aid(Vicente Lopez).

In August 1998,Carina and her group,took part in the second show”Buenos Aires no duerme”.It was the last saturday,giving a closing to the event,they played for 2000 people.

On september 29th 1998,Paul Gilbert,the guitar player,visits Argentina,and gives a clinic at the Theatre down town.Nearing the end,Paul called a few guitar players to the stage,among them was Carina,they all performed with Paul,and and jamming of one of his songs.

In January 1999,Carina begins to work on her second CD “Mundo Interior”and it was edited independently in mid-2000.Soon after,she put forward a clinic with her instrumental group and also with Lunatycas for Ibanez guitars presentation,introducing as well the first advances of her new CD.

In the same year Carina goes to Los Angeles to visit Steve Vai.Once at his studio,in Hollywood,she handles him part of her new CD material.She also has a chance to listen Steve´s next project”The Ultra Zone”.They have kept in touch since then.

Carina returns to Buenos Aires to complete her 2nd album “Mundo Interior”.

It comes out the official way that same year april 14th at a Theatre in Buenos Aires.Afterwards,she takes part in a live event at “Electroshow”with her instrumental group.Together with the “Mundo Interior”release,Carina works on the mixing and finishing the master record of the first CD of her band “Lunatycas”,which was edited in early 2001 in the independent way.

The band displayed their show in different places across Buenos Aires state.

There is a fact that made a change in Carina´s life,it was the moment when Steve Vai asked her to join him onstage.This opened new doors for her,the press took notice of her since then.Her interviews have come out in several local magazines:

Madhouse,Epopeya,El Corte,Power Music,El Biombo,Contrapunto,Musiquero,El ojo del Musico,Music shop,and also in Europe magazines like Guitarrista and Guitarra Total(Spain),Metal Hammer,Guitar player,etc.

In september 2000,Carina went to Los Angeles,where she organized a band with local musicians and made several presentations at the Baked Potato.She went over to Steve Vai´s Studio where she began to work on her new record

“Tansmission”at The Mothership.Carina took her time with the CD recording and mixing,she decided she would return the next year to go on with it,supported by Steve Vai and his people.

By december,Carina joined Steve Vai´s South American tour.She went to Santiago(Chile)and Argentina where Steve gave three concerts at the Gran Rex Theatre in Buenos Aires.Steve invited Carina once more to play along with him onstage,”I would love to”,the last show,on Sunday December 10th.

While Carina was in Los Angeles,she met Linda McDonald as the “Phanton Blues”drummer,who asked Carina to accompany her at the recording of a CD that,together with figures like Marty Friedman,Paul Gilbert,VinnieMoore,

Steve Morse,between others,would be a tribute for Jason Becker,which should be edited on July,on his behalf.

In 2002 in Argentina,Carina was on the early stages of her new project

“Cuerdas Vitales”,togheter with “Transmission”,which was half way recorded.

Finally,”Cuerdas Vitales” was edited on March the 15th(Carina´s birthday)2003.It´s an instrumental CD,where she performs rock together with important figures like Walter Giardino(Rata Blanca),Claudio Marciello

 (Almafuerte),Ricardo Lew(Astor Piazzola),Daniel Telis(Alianza),Diego Mizrahi,

Marcelo Roascio(Dr.Rock),Hugo Méndez,Ariel Thin(he produced the cd with Carina) and Carlos Campos.

It was produced by Carina and under Steve Vai´s record label “Favored

Nations”(Pro-found music),

Carina was called to take part in a homage CD for “Hermetica”,performing “Tu eres su seguridad”(Ricardo Iorio).Carina on guitars and Monica Rodriguez on vocals.

Recently,Carina edited “Rock Vital”,it´s a clinic which is in Video and Cd-Rom.

In May 2003 she was called to the program(TV show)Music Expert,that was leaded by Diego Mizrahi(musician and guitar player),in channel 7 and Music Country.On August the 9th 2003,she had the chance to share stage with Almafuerte,the most important heavy band in Argentina,at Cemento.

On August the 11th the same yaer,Carina was the winner of the International

 Contest organized in U.S(Los Angeles),by the None Radio(Rich Pike,Steve Vai´s assistant and Mike Kineally,Steve´s musician).She was chosen among many participants from all part of the world.The election was determined by a jury and radio listeners.Carina got most of the votes.The award is an Endorsement from Emerald Acoustic Guitars.So now,Carina is an Emerald

Guitars artist.

In October 2003,Carina finally finished “Transmission”(mix and master recording)her 4th CD at The Mothership,in Los Angeles.During the three months that Carina was in  Los Angeles,she could realize one of her dreams:with Steve Vai and Neil Citron´s support.Also she could put together a band called “Little Angel” and performed at a few clubs in Hollywood like

“The Gig” and “The Joint”(december 26th/2003 –January/2004).

The Cd has important participations:Jennifer Batten on “Awake”( solo-guitar) and Lito Vitale on “Ki”( piano).The CD was put in May 2004(independent way).

Carina was invited to go along in several G3 cocert´s tour(Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Yngwie Malmsteen).

In Argentina,Carina took part with her band in Lito Vitale´s Tv Show called

“Ese amigo del alma”,which is filmed at the ND/Ateneo Theatre and was broadcasted by America TV Channel 2 on Friday May 28th at 00:30hs.

Not long ago(in August),Carina was called by Leon Gieco to play along with his band as a guest.She was among the group on a long tour through Argentina:

Caseros,La Plata,Cordoba,Rosario,Mendoza,La Pampa,Uruguay,etc,and in a big Festival called “Quilmes Rock Festival”(Ferro Stadium,Sunday,October the 3rd)

Also,at Villa Maria Festival(Cordoba),Cosquin Rock(Cordoba) and more.

She also played together with Leon Gieco and other bands to conmemorate

100 years Argerich Hospital(benefic show,for Garraham Hospital),in Ocober,Saturday 30th which was broadcasted by Channel 7.

Carina received a call to take part at “El Show de Dalma”(Diego Mardona´s doughter),where she played two songs in October the 26th as closing,it was broadcasted through Boca TV(Cable Channel).

Carina goes on with her clinics and concerts all through the country and USA and Europe.She´s at the Namm Convention representing the Emerald Acoustic Guitars last january 2005,in Anaheim.She still on tour with Leon Gieco and with her own music in Europe and USA in the next months.

She´s edited her 5th cd “INTUICION”,in july of 2005.

Also she played for a couple of shows,with her band,open for RATA BLANCA

(a very famous heavy band of Argentina)in Buenos Aires,during 2005 and 2006.She got the sponsor of Carvin in California during 2006,she did some gigs in L.A

“Electric Fuzz”(2007) is her new cd( 6th album)recorded at The Motherhsip,studio of Steve Vai in Los Angeles,California.The cd has the participation of great guitarrists: FRANK GAMBALE and


CARINA open for STEVE VAI!!November-2007

CARINA has opened the concerts of STEVE VAI,in Argentina(november 12th and 13rd of 2007 at The Gran Rex Theatre.

 The 20thof december Carina made The GUITAR SHOW at The

ND ATENEO Theatre,a big EVENT of guitars with:


Carina was invited to some Tv shows and Radio Stations:

Rock and pop,La Mega,etc,and the TV show,”Badia en Concierto”(with Lito Vitale),CM Rock,Jam Session(with Diego Mizrahi,at Solo Tango),and more...

Namm 2008!!

Carina made a trip to Los Angeles and she´s perfoming at Namm Show(Anaheim),between 17th and 20th of january/2008,at Magma strings and Carvin booths.

Tour-2008-Los Angeles-Also she did some shows in Los Angeles: Paladinos,The Baked Potato(Jazz club),Ámsterdam Pub.

CARINA with KIKO LOUREIRO(guitarrist of ANGRA)-2008

In june of 2008 Carina was invited for Kiko Loureiro,the guitarrist of Angra to open 2 shows in Chile(Santiago de Chile,and Valparaiso,also Carina did a clinic at The Projazz School,in Santiago de Chile.

Also Carina and Kiko did a workshop together the 5th of september in Buenos Aires Argentina. Carina made a trip to San Pablo-Brasil to visit the Expo Music,very big Event in Brasil.

NAMM SHOW-2009“Guitar Inspiration Tour”en LOS ANGELES:

In January Carina made a trip to USA,to perform at NAMM SHOW,in ANAHEIM,there she´s performing at booths of her sponsors-MAGMA,(Medina Artigas,strings)and CARVIN(Amps and Guitars) then she´s making a tour in Los Angeles:Canter´s Deli,The Baked Potato,Rainbow,Pig N´Whitle,Café Audrey,etc..

Also Carina still making clinics and shows into her country,Argentina and out.

December of 2009 she´s edited her 7th cd “The Light Side”,with special guests:Kiko Loureiro(Angra),Ariel Barilari(Rata Blanca),Claudio Marciello(Almafuerte)Roxy Petrucci(Vixen),and more.

TOUR 2010-2011

She has been on tour around South America,and Usa.

She did an Open Counseling at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles(Feb.2010).She also got the Endorser of:


Carina signed a Contract with Favored Nations(Steve Vai´s record label)Digital Nations is distributing digitally the cds “ELECTRIC FUZZ” and “THE LIGHT SIDE” of Carina.

She also did some gigs in Los Angeles,and Namm Show 2011,performing with CARVIN AMPS.

In Argentina she did clinics and shows,and start the recording of her new cd.

She finished the recording of her new cd(8th)called “Eight”.

-Tour 2012-Namm Show 2012

Carina was performing at Namm show in Anaheim,and she did some gigs,in Hollywood and Malibu in February-2012,also she meet once again with Steve Vai and she got the distribution of her new cd “Eight”.During 2019 Carina was performing in Los Angeles,and invited to the Namm Convention,in Anaheim,and she did some gigs during january and february.


With more than 25 years of her carrer Carina edited the follow records:




SIDE(2009),EIGHT(2012),ANYA(2012)ATESORANDO EN LOS CIELOS,(cd solista de Ricardo Iorio-2015), AD LIBITUM(2016), COLLAGE(2019),ENTRE MUNDOS(2021),ENSUEÑO(2022)




And some participations:

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