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Mod Factory Pro

Mod Factory Pro

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Mod Factory Pro


The MOD FACTORY PRO from MOOER brings together 2 extremely high quality, digital modulation engines and squeezes them into a very small, dual footswitch pedal crammed full of features. With 16 different modulation effects spanning all the regular stuff like phasers, chorus and tremolo, right through to some totally freaked out ring modulators, lo-fi filters and pitch effects. The MOD FACTORY PRO has something for everyone.



The ability to combine both engines and adjust the internal signal routing expands these 16 effects beyond any modulation stompbox on the market in this price range. Added Tap tempo functionality, Expression pedal expandability, Leslie type acceleration control and true stereo outputs makes MOD FACTORY PRO truly versatile and a great choice for professionals or beginners a-like.



1、2 Independent processing modules containing a total of 16 modulation effects:

MOD FACTORY PRO contains 2 independent Modulation modules (MODEA/MODE B) which can operate individually or simultaneously


Mode A: Chrous ,Tri-chrous, Phaser Flanger, Tremolo, Rotary, Step-phaser,

Mode B: Small-, Liquid-Phaser, Auto-Wah, Analog-Flanger, Stutter, Octave, Vibrato


2、Adjustable signal chain routing:

The internal signalchain routing of the pedal can be adjusted using the ROUTING SWITCH.


*Serial MODE A > MODE B
The signal will first go to MODE A and then to MODE BWhen using this routing the TAP TEMPO controls the rate of MODE A

*Serial MODE B > MODE A
The signal will first go to MODE A and then to MODE B When using this routing the TAP TEMPO controls the rate of MODE B



Ⅰ.The signal will first be split into 2 and then go to MODE A and MODE B simultaneously

Ⅱ.The signal will then exit both effect modules and be mixed together before reaching the outputs of the pedal

Ⅲ. When using Parrallel routing you can simulate a dry through WET/DRY setup by disabling one of the effect modules. To achieve this simply set either MODE A or MODE B to the ‘Off’ position.

Ⅳ. Try setting MODE A to ‘Off’ and ‘MODE B’ to Vibrato whilst in PARRALLEL routing to discover a very cool chorus type effect.


3、Store and recall up to 4 user presets

MOD FACTORY PRO can store 4 presets which can be scrolled through live using the PRESET footswitch. When you save a preset the pedal will store all of your parameter value, routing and expression pedal settings.


4、Tap Tempo functionality


5、Expression pedal expandability

Expand the live performance experience of your MOD FACTORY PRO by using it with an expression pedal. The expression pedal can be set to control any one single parameter of the MOD FACTORY PRO.


6、Leslie style ACCELERATION pedal


7、True stereo outputs


深圳市魔耳乐器有限公司成立于2010年,是一家以高科技技术为依托的电声乐器与音频设备的制造商和销售商,产品涵盖各种合成器、音源及音频处理设备以及数字效果器等多种电声乐器。我们有着强大,高效的研发设计团队,和多名在音乐领域造诣颇深的音乐工程师以 及软硬件研发设计工程师,在合成器技术、波表合成技术以及数字音频效果技术等方面已跻身于世界一流的水平。



Input: 1/4 "mono jack (impedance 1M Ohms)
Output: 1/4 "mono jack x2 (impedance 100 Ohms)
Sampling rate: 44.1K
Sampling accuracy: 24bit
Power supply: 9V 300mA DC power supply (centre pin negative)
Power consumption: 250mA
Size: 106mm (D) X96mm (W) X53mm (H)
Weight: 400g





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