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Tracii Guns


Tracii Guns, 美国著名吉他手, 也是L.A. Guns乐队的缔造者! 我们认识他,不光是L.A. Guns。还有 Brides of Destruction 和Contraband乐队都曾有他的身影! 不得不说的是,Tracii Guns曾是万人皆知的枪花乐队第一批成员! 只可惜他很快就离开了枪花乐队,他的离开也成就了日后的SLASH! Tracii Guns(1983–1984, 1988–2002, 2005–现在)创建了 L.A. Guns ,担任乐队主音吉它。



L.A. Guns时期:

L.A. Guns (1988)

Cocked & Loaded (1989)

Hollywood Vampires (1991)

Vicious Circle (1995)

American Hardcore (1996)

Shrinking Violet (1999)

Greatest Hits and Black Beauties (1999)

Cocked & Re-Loaded (2000)

Man in the Moon (2001)

Waking the Dead (2002)

Tracii Guns(2张)

Man in the Moon (2001)

Acoustic Gypsy Live (2011)

Contraband 时期

Contraband (1993) 和Gilby Clarke(前枪花成员)合作多个专辑

Welcome to the Jungle: A Rock Tribute to Guns N' Roses (2002) --------

Brides of Destruction时期:

Here Come the Brides (2004)

Runaway Brides (2005)

2004年Tracii Guns在枪花(Guns N' Roses)的前身乐队:Hollywood Rose 的专辑《The Roots of Guns N' Roses》中 现身客串了2首:

9-Shadow of Your Love

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