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Tom Abella

Tom Abella is one of the most recognized guitar players in the Rock scene and the electric guitar movement, pioneer of instrumental progressive Rock in Colombia. He has become one of the most influential musicians in recent times of the history of Colombia.
His career as a soloist artist officially started in 1995 during the first Rock al Parque Festival in Bogota. Before that, he had been recognized for winning the first Rock Guitar Festival in 1994. Abella has also played in other versions of Rock al Parque Festival (2001 and 2006), and in 2010 delivered workshops in the days previous to the festival and was a member of the jury of that prestigious festival in 2011.
Tom has also played in different festivals such as the Jazz Festival at the Fernando Sor Music and Audio School, ?and has shared the stage with important artists such as Frank Gambale, Kiko Loureiro, Shannon Hamm and Steve Di Giorgo; the latter two are former members of the legendary band “DEATH”. Abella was also touring the east coast of United States with the famous band “SYMBOLIC” in 2011 at the Chuck Schuldiner Memorial Fest.

In 1997 Abella records his first demo, called “RAKNAROK” in cassette format. “RAKNAROK” made Abella to be recognized not only in Bogota, but also in other cities of Colombia. Tom recorded and released his first album called “NACIDOS PARA LA BATALLA” (Born for the battle), being this the first album of the genre, in CD format, recorded and released in Colombia.

On November 25, 2005, Abella’s second album, “TINITUS” is released, along with an instructional video, recorded in the middle of 2004 and was entitled “GUITAR SKILLS, LAS BASES DE LA TéCNICA”, and was released in DVD format, becoming the first interactive video in the country for guitar learning.
Today, some years later, at the beginning of July, Abella will release his third album called THE ARCHITECT OF UNIVERSE,which will also have a second instructional video.

In addition, Tom Abella has taught in different universities and academies, being the first rock guitar professor that has been exempted from obtaining degrees and has been a teacher in universities such as Pedagógica and Distrital, and in the A.S.A.B. (Academia Superior de Ar tes de Bogota), the Academia de Artes Guerrero, Fernando Sor Music and Audio School and INNCA University. Tom also conducts workshops in different cities of Colombia, and performs live nationwide.

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