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Max Avrusci

Max Avrusci born in Taranto (Italy) 20/07/1974, starts to play electric and acoustic guitar as a self-taught in 1989, with a first approach to blues, rock, pop and funk music. He develops a great passion for music and also a remarkable live activity, in 1993 he began his studies to become a certified professional musician.

Musical studies

  • 1993 Beginning of studies at the Lizard Academy of Music Fiesole (FI) Italy
  • 1998 Achievement of the academy diploma in electric rock guitar at the Lizard Academy Fiesole (FI) Italy.


Studio Collaborations

  • 2006 Arranger, electric and acoustic guitar on the album: “La Stanza Suona ciò che non Vedo”. https://claudiomilano.bandcamp.com/track/bonus-10-ci-che-rimane-demo
  • 2019 Arranger, electric and acoustic guitar on the album: “L'Urlo Rubato - musiche per il teatro (expanded edition 2019)” https://claudiomilano.bandcamp.com/album/lurlo-rubato-musiche-per-il-teatro-expanded-edition-2019
  • 2019 Electric and acoustic guitar on the album: “Tomorrow’s Light. https://www.rockit.it/thedust/album/tomorrows-light/45595



  • From 1998 to 2014 guitarist for the Pink Floyd’s Tribute Band “RockMaMa italian Pink Floyd”. https://it-it.facebook.com/italianpinkfloyd/
  • From 2019 to today guitarist for The Cranberries’ Tribute Band “The Madberries”  https://www.facebook.com/TheMadberries/

Live Demonstrations

  • 2010 Endoserman for Reference Cables at Music ItalyShow Bologna (Italy) http://www.referencelaboratory.com/web/index.php?mod=read&view=cd&id=musicitalyshow_10_it&lang=it
  • 2012 Endoserman for Reference Cables at Music Village Merine-Lecce (Italy)


  • 2019 Endoserman for Reference Cables and Essetipicks at Guitar Show Padova (Italy)


  • 2019 Endoserman for Reference Cables and Essetipicks al Blues Made in Italy Cerea-Verona (Italy)



  • Reference Cables
  • Essetipicks

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