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A highly talented Musician with extensive experience in music and entertaining live audiences, concert halls, and , musical theater worldwide; Deep background in playing for recording and production studios as a Guitarist, Songwriter, Arranger and Producer. 

Summary of Qualifications
More than twenty five years of Acclaimed musical Career.
Uncommon knowledge of music gained since early age.
Featured Performer ,Musical director, band leader and Producer.
Remarkable ability to play Electric and Acoustic and Classic Guitars .
Experienced arranger in Rock , Jazz , Pop musical Theater styles.
Unmatchable ability to songwriting techniques and express self through music.
Fluent with Midi sequencing using Cubase , Logic Pro and pro Tools softwares.
Exceptional performances with all the remarkable bands and singers .
Experience in recording and production studios ; labels companies .
Experience managing personal, budgets and production scheduling.
Profound ability to listen to everyone's suggestions during music productions, as well as an excellent team member when rehearsing and performing.
Excellent ability to respond quickly to verbal directions and aural cues.
Proficiency in playing Electric, clasic guitar, Piano and Drums.
Uncommon enthusiasm for and ability in playing and arrangement.

Professional Experience - Guitarist
More than 1500 Performances with renowd music bands and singers in stage shows and assisted them in composing their leading songs.
More than 150 Composed , arranged songs for music bands , singers, Television ads, per demand of producers.
"DIVAR" Rock and Fusion Band Leader, "DARKOOB" Co. Band Leader .
Assisted musicians who are new in this field in composing and singing.
Cooperated with other musicians to create new music for them and performed with them at live shows.
Play from memory, following the score and/or improvising.
Mastered certain genre of music through relentless practice.
Worked with other music groups as a guest artist.

Awards and Recognition
Awarded the Best Guitaris (for 30years) Prize in recognition of Excellence in Performance, May , 2012. 

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