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Karl Sanders

Death metal aficionados know Karl Sanders as the driving force behind South Carolina’s Egyptian-themed death metal titans Nile. Formed in 1993, Nile have become a true force to be reckoned with. After 7 incredible albums, 2 decades of world tours, and an unmatched fierce dedication to their craft  , Nile have garnered critical and fan loyalty from around the world.  Karl Sanders (guitar/vocals / founder and principle song writer), has led Nile, through his unique and technical Guitar playing, and further with his lyrics; steeped in his vast interest in Egyptology and other ancient Middle Eastern cultures.  These elements , along with a natural gift for composition , song craft , and a dedicated work ethic , have made Karl and Nile an unparalleled and unique Metal Band in the scene of Technical Death Metal.  But there’s more to Sanders than ripping electric guitar solos, death growls and blast beats. — Sanders, who has been playing guitar for over four decades, certainly knows his way around the instrument ;  but for his solo albums , Sanders opts for a  more diverse musical palette , employing  use of acoustic guitar , Baglama Saz, Glissentar , Fretless guitar and other exotic  instrumentation . Karl studied Guitar with Legendary Jazz Guitarist Tim Haden, and several other guitar virtuosos such as Classical Guitarist  Shawn Allen  , internationally revered Mega-shredder Rusty Cooley, Brazilian Guitar Master Moyses Kolesne of Krisiun, Greek Shred Wizard Theodore Ziras , and Death Metal Living Legend Trey Azagthoth , as well as  completing 3 years of College Level Music Theory.  Karl has also been a guest Speaker at the USC Spartanburg Music Program’s Songwriting and Arranging class. He was voted 4th all-time greatest Death Metal Guitarist by Decibel Magazine, Voted Best Musician in Terrorizer International Magazine 2007 - Readers Poll, Voted # 5th best Modern Metal guitarist in Metal Sucks, and named 52/100 in Joel McIver’s book “The 100 greatest Metal Guitarists “ Karl now teaches guitar at home locally in his spare time when not recording or touring with Nile, and whenever possible while on tour in the States  and abroad. Karl currently is endorsed by Dean Guitars , Marshall , ENGL and Splawn Amplification, S.I.T. Strings , Seymour Duncan Pickups , and others.



Website: https://www.nile-official.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/nilecatacombs

Karl’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/KarlSandersNileOfficial 


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