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I am a musician(guitarist) and music producer! My musical journey started from my childhood when I was 10 years old.. I was deeply inspired by my father Wellington who used to play guitar. I come from a family rooted in music and as we have our own church where my grandpa is a pastor, so everyone in our family used to play instruments in the church. I mostly used to play funk, jazz, pop, rock and gospel music! So likewise I was also trained in church and started playing in other churches, ministries and many Gospel events and concerts with many of the well known worship leaders in india like pastor Gersson Edinbaro, Benny Joshua, jeswin Samuel, Blessing Edinbaro and others. And I slowly started getting into the recording sessions which gave me a great reputation and name. and so I started working with some of the best music producers in tamil nadu like Giftson Durai(GD PRODUCTIONS), John Rohith(JOHN BOUNCE PRODUCTION), Sam Jebastin and others.
And I have worked on many Gospel albums and Gospel single!
And then me and my friends started our own production called Southern Draft which is my current band and as well as a production.. and we have a youtube channel called “Southern Draft”


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