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An important update for GE200 users.

An important update for GE200 users.



Dear GE200 users,


First of all, MOOER would like to apologize for the panic that our last update caused.

Our software team have been working very hard for the past 10 days and finally we have replaced the V1.2.2 update.

MOOR Studio For GE200 V1.2.3 comes with a new firmware that has all of the positive features from V1.2.2 plus bug fixes.

Download link:( because of website has small issue, we have to use other platform for upload the file.)



The software itself also now supports simultaneous import and export of multiple presets to make setup more convenient.

Bug Fixes.

1. Recovery fix for machines frozen by V1.2.2 update
2. Fixed FOOT SWITCH mode unexpectedly switching to MODE 2
3. Fixed output intermittently cutting out.
4. Fixed crashing after long periods of use
5. Reduced delay when switching presets
6. Updated Tuner algorithm to improve detection sensitivity and accuracy.
7. Reduced audio gap when switching between presets and Ctrl on/off.
8. Reduced latency of the CAB module.
9. Fixed drum machine volume issue.
10. The drum machine parameters are automatically saved after powering down.

New software features:

Import and export multiple presets simultaneously

Warning: The firmware update will wipe all presets. However, it will not affect amp models or 3rd party IR files. We highly recommend backing up your preset files before running the update.

If you are having issues installing the software, updating your firmware or recovering a machine that crashed from V1.2.2 then please contact our tech support team at support@mooeraudio.com