Main Features

2x16 Watts Stereo Hifi Bluetooth speaker and desktop instrument amplifier

*A pair of custom, full-range, 3” drivers and specially designed bass ports deliver accurate and detailed audio playback

*2 additional digital EQ presets give increased depth and different tonal character to your music, providing a truly immersive experience.

*Connect an instrument to the 1/4" input jack to play along with all your favorite tracks

*The instrument section has independent controls for Volume, gain, bass and treble so you can dial in your sound

*Connect your external audio device via 1/8” stereo jack cable or connect via Bluetooth with up to 10 meters range

*Minimalistic retro design, manageable size and light weight ensure the MOOER SilverEye 10 will fit well within any home….


Technical Parameters
Output power: 2x16 Watts
Input interface: 1/4 "mono audio jack
Line input interface: 1/8 "stereo jack
size:292mm (D) x167mm (W) x168mm (H)
Power supply: 24V DC, 2A,
Accessories: 24V power adapter, user manual, 1/8” jack cable

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