MOOER Ocean Machine 1.1.1 firmware update released.2017/7/21
MOOER Ocean Machine 1.1.1 firmware update released,please check out following contents. Bug fixes *Wireless switch bugs fixed * Crashing issue due to CPU clock speed fixed * Looper play…… [More+]
MOOER combined effects pedal Red Truck is released!2017/7/10
The MOOER 'Red Truck' is an all in one solution for the professional guitarist on the go. Following diligent research we've integrated a combination of the most commonly used and desirable effect…… [More+]
MOOER Baby Bomb 30W poweramp is released!2017/6/9
BABY BOMB provides a true 30 Watts of power to drive any guitar cabinet with an impedance of 8Ohm - 16Ohm. A perfect partner for your favourite preamp pedals.With just 2 simple controls the Baby …… [More+]
Mooer 2017 Frankfurt Messe review2017/5/4
The Frankfurt Messe 2017 has been successfully ended, and we can finally take a short break. At the exhibition, our Micro Preamp series and Ocean Machien ,Red Truck were inspired by people a lot .…… [More+]
Micro Preamp, they are coming!2017/3/28
MOOER micro preamps are sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. We have developed these by directly analyzing real tube amplifiers using a brand n…… [More+]
Two MOOER Micro Wah Pedal Envelope and @Wah are released!2016/12/6
The 'Envelope' from MOOER is a pocket sized 'envelope filter'/'dynamic auto wah' pedal with big tone and lots of versatility.The sensitivity control allows you to dial in the effect to respond to…… [More+]
Welcome!Tracii Guns join in Mooer Artists family!2016/10/10
Tracii Guns (born Tracy Richard Irving Ulrich on January 20, 1966) is an American guitarist best known as the founder of glam metal group L.A. Guns as well as the supergroups Brides of Destructio…… [More+]
Our footswitch toppers- Mooer Candy is coming!2016/9/27
Footswitch toppers are colorful plastic bumpers intended to be put on the footswitch of your pedals.Some guys are using them for the "hard to reach" footswitches which might otherwise require a ta…… [More+]
Congratulations!Luca Mantovanelli join in Mooer artists family! 2016/9/18
LucaMantovanelli was born in 1983 in Caserta, Italy, into a musicial family. From ayoung age he showed a natural talent for music. He started learning drums,bassand wind instruments, then complet…… [More+]
Golden Topper Competition2016/8/24
Inside the box of some MOOER pedal products we will be including a freefootswitch topper for our customers to use as they please. Ifyou find you have one of our special GOLDEN footswitch toppers t…… [More+]
New Micro series pedal Liquid is released! 2016/8/24
The MOOER "Liquid" is a pocket sized Digital Phase pedal crammed full of cool features. The large control knob allows you to choose from 5 very different Phasers which range from subtle vintage ph…… [More+]
Devin Townsend at Shanghai Music China Expo2016/8/3
To celebrate the launch of our new 'Ocean Machine' dual delay, reverb and loop pedal. MOOER will be joined by the wonderful Devin Townsend at the 2016 Music China exhibition in Shanghai on the 26…… [More+]
The Pedal Controller L6 is released!2016/7/27
Withthe PCL6, controlling your pedals has never been so easy and convenient. ThePCL6 is a programmable 6 channel loop controller.After connecting your pedals to the 6 truebypass loops, the PCL-6 p…… [More+]
Congratulations!King Lychee and Uncle Ma join in Mooer artists family!2016/7/11
Congratulations!Our Mooer artists family added two new members!They are famous hardcord band King Lychee from HongKong and popular guitar teacher from Taiwan! King Ly Chee was formed in May 1999 f…… [More+]
Mooer 2016 Frankfurt Messe review2016/4/13
The Frankfurt Messe (2016.4.7-10) has been successfully ended, and we can finally take a short break. During the four days at Messe, our booth was so popular that there were so many people visit…… [More+]
Mooer Mini-Wah Series in the world-level magazine---Guitarist!2016/3/28
Since Mooer Mini Wah Series came into markets, it has attracted a wild spread attention of the music lover…… [More+]
Mooer Reverie Chorus Pedal DEMO2016/2/4
Reverie Chorus is another Mooer new product. Mooer Twin Series focus on the elegant, professional, adjustable and convenient features. Now we inherit these features in the Chorus effect. Video DE…… [More+]
2016 MOOER Namm Show Review2016/2/3
MOOER launched many new products at NAMM SHOW in 2016. All the series of Mooer have new members that Mooergan and Micro Drummer for Micro Series, Wah pedal and Volume pedal for Mini Series, GE100 …… [More+]
Mooer Reverie Reverb Pedal2015/12/22
Reverb is a very common effect that exists in all the audios you know, and that’s why it can always be seen on the pedal board of most guitar players. People always would like to try some new eff…… [More+]
Andy Irvine's Mooer Bass Pedal Set2015/12/11
Andy Irvine is an internationally known bassist, author, and educator, and also the spokesman of Warwick BASS and MOOER PEDAL. His playing is recognized by driving bass grooves, a huge tone, fero…… [More+]
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