Jacek Polak

Jacek Polak, guitarist, singer of Mr.Pollack band, formed together with his brother Grzegorz (drummer) from Poland.
Famous among guitarists with his hard rock/metal interpretation of classical music by Mozart,Bach,Bethoven (his album "Air on 6 Strings" in 1997 got a prize from polish "Guitar & Bass" magazine as "New Hope of Guitar World"
In 2002 in USA voted as "Undiscovered Guitar Talent" by Guitar 9 Record
Also recording and touring with famous polish and foreign bands and soloists.
Recorded 7 original CD albums and DVDs and set one Video Instruction school.
In 2014 touring China "2014 Mr.Pollack China Tour" promoting new album called "Black Hawk" where he uses Mooer pedals as below:
Noise Gate
Yellow Comp
Hustle Drive (x2)
Graphic G EQ
website: www.MrPollack.pl

Artist's Gear
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